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Integrated Trust Accounting & Control Software Solution.
Clientix Trusts is a system that automates the functions of administration and management of the business cycle of Trusts. ALeNet has used our highly experienced professionals that include consultants and experts in the management of Trusts, accountants, systems engineers, web developers, and specialists in the area of financial applications.
Clientix™ Trusts is a system designed to automate and manage the necessities of financial institutions that offer Trusts Services. The system is modular, parametric, friendly, safe, auditable, and includes tools to quickly adapt changes and/or expand functionality. Its application was 100% developed for Web-browsers, which allows the user to accede quickly to the information, to any hour and from any place. Clientix Trusts is an application effectively integrated that facilitates an optimal collaboration between the Trustees and the rest of its financial institution.


The Participants module is designed to register, centralize, and administer the information of grantors, beneficiaries, payees, debtors and prospect clients, whether they are persons, companies, or government agencies, who participate or will participate in a particular Trust. The system assigns an account, an internal code and a short name, to all the participants or prospects for fast identification and tracking through the Trust businesses cycle.

  • Customer Data.
  • Contacts and Participants.
  • Telephones and Directions.
  • Activities.
  • Identifications.
  • Images: Photos, Signatures, others.
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