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Clientix Financials is a comprehensive integrated and scalable financial management solution that streamlines all of your financial business processes.


  •     Allows you to configure all kinds of transactions that are generated in the different modules of the system including deposits, withdrawals, payments, disbursements, investments, fees, interest, fees, withholdings and many other.
  • Supports multiple chart of accounts.
  • Stores accounting entries that are automatically generated from transactions in the different modules of the system.
  • Maintain separate accounts for each company or chart field.
  • Accounting reports, statements, and financial statements by company, chart field, or consolidated.
  • Analyze account balances by any dimension real-time.


  • Financial and operational control of trusts.
  • Facilitates comparisons between approved budgets and actual results.
  • Easily import trust budget records by periods and GL accounts.


  • Manage multiple bank accounts and their balances.
  • Automatically calculate and generate interests for interest-bearing accounts.
  • Manage bank accounts, cash positions, and cash forecasts.
  • Apply Reconciliation Tools.


  • Register the inclusion of different types of assets.
  • Maintains details of the assets with an updated inventory.
  • Records valuations, insurance, and other related information.
  • Calculates depreciation using different methods.
  • Maintains a repository of images.


  • Record Purchase Orders and other trust contracts or obligations.
  • Easily Track bills to pay, due dates, balances, payment history and more.
  • Generate recurring bills automatically.
  • Simple payment process by supporting check issuance checks, transfers and other form of payments.


  • Record accounts receivable or contracts to be collected for the trusts or trustee.
  • Generate one time Invoicing or automatic recurring billing.
  • Instant access to receivable balances, past due totals, payment history on outstanding invoices and invoices aging report.
  • Comprehensive Apply Payment Function.
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