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News and Events

October 2016 - ALeNet takes part of COLAFI 2016 in Lima, Peru

September 2016 - ALeNet signs Financiera CrediClaro as new client

August 2016 - Panama – Global Bank enters into Production with Clientix

ALeNet participated in COLAFI XXIV, Latinoamerican Conference, that took place in Panama City, Panama

October 2013 - ALeNet sponsored COLAFI 2013 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

September 2013 - ALeNet joins Datapro at CLAB 2013 in Miami, Florida

October 2012 - ALeNet makes the news at COLAFI, Trust Banking Trade Show, in Paraguay

September 2012, ALeNet Sponsored STEP LATAM Conference-Panama

August 2012, International Trust Services Forum-Dominican Republic

April 2012 - ALeNet Adds Global Bank in Panama to its customer list


Clientix Solutions for Financial Services Firms now as mobile apps

ALeNet CRM Consulting Services


ALeNet CRM Consulting Services

ALeNet offers CRM Strategy & Capabilities and Integration Solutions

Scalable CRM Solutions Drive Return On Investment (ROI)

CRM: The Next Wave of eBusiness

In today’s challenging economy, it is critical for businesses to focus on three strategic imperatives, enhancing customer relationships, achieving revenue targets, and controlling operating costs. Further, corporate technology investments need to be made wisely to achieve the greatest rate of return (ROI).

Enhancing Customer Relationships

·Face time is everything. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to sell your company, your products, or your services. Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) who act as order takers and information retrievers should be transformed into a knowledgeable motivated inside sales team. Outside Sales and sales agents who are focused on administrative reporting and information retrieval requirements should have time freed up to enhance one-to-one relationship building.

·Customer Satisfaction is Fundamental. It is 6 to 10 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing one. Ensure that your customers receive the right amount of attention, before, during and after the sale.

·Customer Insight. The information you have collected concerning your customer from each of their interactions with you is valuable. Convert this information into insight and make it available at each of your customer touch points to enhance the interaction.

·Attract, Retain and Motivate the Right People. Successful companies focus on keeping their people longer. Having the same people work with a customer or group of customers gives them an opportunity to develop deep insights and cultivate long-term relationships which tend to bring more value for both parties. Further, these people must be motivated appropriately to enhance the customer relationships they deal with. Motivation includes both money and soft rewards, such as recognition.

Achieving Revenue Targets

·Focus on ROI. In a recent study of 500 executives, representing 250 companies, across 6 industries, the link between excellence in a company’s overall interaction with customers (CRM) and financial performance was validated. In the key findings of the study, 21 different CRM capabilities were identified that could each add more than $1 million per year to the return on sales.

Controlling Operating Costs

·Reduced Administrative Burden. Through the introduction of Customer Self Service system access, providing order inquiry, quote request, shipment tracking, service request, warranty management, etc. requirements for inside and outside CSR’s to service these requests diminishes substantially, often turning a cost-based operation into a profit center.

·On-line Capabilities Improve Performance. Through the use of CRM capabilities such as bill presentment, and on-line bill payment, reductions in operational costs can be achieved, and average days receivables can be reduced.

Wise Investments In Technology

·Leverage Technology. Technology influences 40% of CRM impact across all capabilities. Put another way, technology may accelerate the impact of CRM by as much as two-thirds.

·Focus Technology Investments. CRM investments can and should be made to enhance customer satisfaction and relationships. It is not only possible, but also quite appropriate to develop CRM capabilities without upgrading core enterprise systems, including older systems.

·Implement in Small, Measured Steps. CRM solutions can be unwieldy if undertaken all at once. Additionally, long implementation times may not achieve the desired results within management guidelines. Finally, customers are often slow to change and should not be given too much, too soon achieving the opposite of the desired affect.

Customer expectations for quality, service, and value are rising daily, and companies are reacting. CRM capabilities already account for roughly half the difference between business winners and business “also rans”.

ALeNet CRM Solutions

*Consulting Practice based on a CRM Ecosystem
-Best Practices

*Package Evaluation Workshops
*Turnkey CRM Ecosystems
*Full Implementation of CRM solutions
*CRM Strategies: Processes, People, Technology

At ALeNet, our CRM development and implementation philosophy remains consistent:

*Focus on Revenue & Return (ROI)
*Customer Driven Capabilities
*Start With Small Steps
*Invest in Customer Relationships
*Increase the Value of Every Customer Contact

All around the world, businesses are embracing CRM. Along with your product or service, Customer Relationship Management may become your company’s greatest strength.

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