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News and Events

October 2016 - ALeNet takes part of COLAFI 2016 in Lima, Peru

September 2016 - ALeNet signs Financiera CrediClaro as new client

August 2016 - Panama – Global Bank enters into Production with Clientix

ALeNet participated in COLAFI XXIV, Latinoamerican Conference, that took place in Panama City, Panama

October 2013 - ALeNet sponsored COLAFI 2013 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

September 2013 - ALeNet joins Datapro at CLAB 2013 in Miami, Florida

October 2012 - ALeNet makes the news at COLAFI, Trust Banking Trade Show, in Paraguay

September 2012, ALeNet Sponsored STEP LATAM Conference-Panama

August 2012, International Trust Services Forum-Dominican Republic

April 2012 - ALeNet Adds Global Bank in Panama to its customer list


Clientix Solutions for Financial Services Firms now as mobile apps

ALeNet CRM Consulting Services


Clientix Solutions for Financial Services Firms now as mobile apps

October 2014 - ALeNet now offers Clientix Mobile Apps for its Financial Services Clients

Clientix Mobile Apps

It’s a reliable and sturdy solution that belongs to the variety of Clientix Products. It’s offered to innovative Financial Institutions committed to their clients’ experiences and is meant to ease the day-to-day banking and trust operations.

Inside Clientix Mobile you’ll find:

Clientix Mobile Functional, adaptable and accessible

Banking does not lag when it comes to mobility. Offer all your users the possibility to carry your bank in their pockets in a different and innovative way adaptable to their needs.

Innovation is a key element to make each bank different in a high competitive environment.

Clientix Mobile lets you make see your operations fast and effectively in a comfortable, simple and easy form.

Financial Summary
Customers have a general vision of their accounts and financial products commonly separated as assets and liabilities.

Details of Accounts and Product

This module includes more complete details of the product. Clients can see their account statement (if applicable), balances and blockings, among other features.


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