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News and Events

October 2016 - ALeNet takes part of COLAFI 2016 in Lima, Peru

September 2016 - ALeNet signs Financiera CrediClaro as new client

August 2016 - Panama – Global Bank enters into Production with Clientix

ALeNet participated in COLAFI XXIV, Latinoamerican Conference, that took place in Panama City, Panama

October 2013 - ALeNet sponsored COLAFI 2013 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

September 2013 - ALeNet joins Datapro at CLAB 2013 in Miami, Florida

October 2012 - ALeNet makes the news at COLAFI, Trust Banking Trade Show, in Paraguay

September 2012, ALeNet Sponsored STEP LATAM Conference-Panama

August 2012, International Trust Services Forum-Dominican Republic

April 2012 - ALeNet Adds Global Bank in Panama to its customer list


Clientix Solutions for Financial Services Firms now as mobile apps

ALeNet CRM Consulting Services


September 2016 - ALeNet signs Financiera CrediClaro as new client

Financiera CrediClaro a leading Personal Financing firm in Panama, has subscribed to Clientix FINANCIALS SaaS(Software as a Service)

Financiera CrediClaro

CrediClaro is a financial institution licensed to make personal loans to the general public, composed of a group of partners with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. CrediClaro offers their customers a professional and responsible advice to enable them to access financing without compromising their credit worthiness with other entities.

CrediClaro has selected ALeNet\'s Clientix FINANCIALS to enable a new and robust Credit Platform that will bring the company to a more competitive level while bringing security and comfort to its actual clients.

Clientix FINANCIALS offers a comprehensive suite of modules and tools that provides an integrated solution to manage loan processing and servicing from beginning to end.


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