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News and Events

October 2016 - ALeNet takes part of COLAFI 2016 in Lima, Peru

September 2016 - ALeNet signs Financiera CrediClaro as new client

August 2016 - Panama – Global Bank enters into Production with Clientix

ALeNet participated in COLAFI XXIV, Latinoamerican Conference, that took place in Panama City, Panama

October 2013 - ALeNet sponsored COLAFI 2013 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

September 2013 - ALeNet joins Datapro at CLAB 2013 in Miami, Florida

October 2012 - ALeNet makes the news at COLAFI, Trust Banking Trade Show, in Paraguay

September 2012, ALeNet Sponsored STEP LATAM Conference-Panama

August 2012, International Trust Services Forum-Dominican Republic

April 2012 - ALeNet Adds Global Bank in Panama to its customer list


Clientix Solutions for Financial Services Firms now as mobile apps

ALeNet CRM Consulting Services


October 2016 - ALeNet takes part of COLAFI 2016 in Lima, Peru

ALeNet invites you to assist to its annual Fiduciary Event COLAFI XXV that will take place in the Swissotel in Lima, Peru from October 12th to 14th.

COLAFI 2016 Swissotel Lima, Peru

ALeNet invites you to join us in the XXV COLAFI, Latin American Congress for Trustees, to take place in Lima, Peru during the 12th to October 14th, 2016 at the Swissotel.

Meeting all the challenges of this industry, we continue to present our most recent Software Solution for Fiduciaries and Financial Advisors. We formally extend an invitation to pass by our # 11 Stand where we will share our most recent developments.


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