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Enterprise Application Integration

ALeNet offers integration solutions for enterprise architecture for use with hosted, internet-based solutions.

Through the use of XML-based communications, ALeNet can link the most diverse set of applications into a common delivery platform. Through this common platform, customers and employees can access diverse data and information in a meaningful, valuable way.

The architecture translates into a valuable solution for clients enabling them to keep the existing enterprise platform, and associated investments. We provide the information in a whole new way for applications such as customer self-service, call-center, executive information, and knowledge-based systems.

Even for older systems, ALeNet will implement a solutions architecture that can provide a whole new look for customers and employees alike. ALeNet’s solutions, allows even DOS/DBASE systems to deliver new customer value.

ALeNet will work with you to develop the most appropriate solution for your environment to deliver the most value to you and your customers.


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