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Company Information

ALeNet offers comprehensive, complete, open, and integrated CRM, ERP, and Financial solutions.

ALeNet is an Enterprise Software development firm focused in the areas of eBusiness, ERP, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Financial Services Applications.

ALeNet is the developer of Clientix, a leading edge technology platform with an open integration architecture that allows us to offer the most comprehensive, integrated suite of eBusiness, ERP, CRM, and Financial solutions available today.

Our team is made up of seasoned professionals that have served several clients spread across many industries, including financial services, technology, manufacturing, retail, health care, consulting, construction and public sector. ALeNet has a growing roster of industry-leading clients.

Our industry recognized IT professionals will focus on your technology strategy efforts to achieve the greatest possible return on investment (ROI) and highest levels of customer service.

Technology should be an enabler in the success of your business… Not a distraction.

Let ALeNet\'s leading technology solutions and expert IT professionals help you succeed!


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