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Sebastian Alegrett

Founder & CEO

Mr. Alegrett has over fifteen years of Information Systems businesses experience with a diverse background. Mr. Alegrett has led various information technology services organizations. His professional skills span the areas of business development, organizational management and technical consulting. Mr. Alegrett is currently the founder and CEO of ALeNet, Inc, an eBusiness Software Company and IT consulting firm.

Prior to starting AleNet he served as Vice President and General Manager of PeopleSoft Business Unit for Usinternetworking , Inc (USI), a leading ASP (Application Service Provider) company NASDAQ:USIX. Mr. Alegrett led the launch of the company’s PeopleSoft ASP Business Unit and a Professional Services practice. He also led several engagements involving large and strategic clients.

Mr. Alegrett was also the president and CEO of IIT-International Information Technology, Inc. a PeopleSoft Global Alliance Partner. Mr. Alegrett founded and grew a successful company before IIT was acquired by USI.
Mr. Alegrett also served as president and CEO of IIT Technology Solutions, Inc., the inventors and developers of STAT! ™, a change control software for enterprise systems. The software was later acquired by Quest Software (NASDAQ:QSFT).

Mr. Alegrett information systems experience includes all aspects of the software development cycle, including analysis and determination of business needs, conceptual modeling of solution sets, technical feasibility studies, systems design and development, program and system testing, production setup, migration and implementation, documentation and training, system maintenance and production support.

Mr. Alegrett has a track record on growth businesses and is familiar with all of the key issues faced by these enterprises, including business planning, funding and liquidity events, identifying and negotiating strategic partnerships and alliances, designing, building and leading diverse and dynamic organizations, and implementing professional management systems. He has an extensive international background, with fluency in Spanish and in-depth foreign work experience in South America and Europe.

Mr. Alegrett earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentration in management information systems from San Francisco State University.

Memberships & Affiliations:
ASP Industry Consortium
TEC- The Executive Committee (An organization of CEOs)
Trustee, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.
South Florida Technology Forum
ITMA- Information Technology Management Association


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