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Application Builder

Rapid development tool for web based applications with database engines

Creating a web-based application that is connected to a database like MySQL, Oracle or MS SQL Server can be quite a time-consuming job. With Clientix Application Builder you are able to do this task in a fraction of the time without writing a single line of code.
Application builder includes the following tools and much more:

-Database builder (Tables, Fields, Relations)
-Forms Builder
-Menu Designer
-Report generator
-Security Administrator

Enterprise-class deployment platform
Clientix Application was designed to work in a multi-platform environment. The application can be installed on Windows, Unix or Linux platforms and can be deployed with the most secured and scalable database engines; MySQL, Oracle or MS SQL Server.

-High performance
-Dynamic scalability
-24x7 availability
-Rich application integration capabilities

Key Benefits
-Build Database web applications faster than any other tool
-Stay ahead of user requirements
-Improve your team productivity - dramatically
-Reduce total cost of ownership
-Maintain your web applications with your existing skill sets
-Eliminate lengthy product learning curves
-Manage and develop your web applications remotely, with only a browser
-Build fully transactional thin client web applications (without programming)
-Delight your customers, your manager, your CFO, and enjoy more free time
-Clientix application builder is Fun, Fast, and Easy

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