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PeopleSoft eBusiness, ERP and CRM Implementation & Support

ALeNet offers PeopleSoft technical and functional consulting services with highly experienced professionals utilizing rapid deployment methodologies

ALeNet offers PeopleSoft technical and functional consulting services with highly experienced professionals utilizing consulting best business practice, solid implementation methodologies and enhanced technical expertise to help you maximize the benefits of your PeopleSoft investment.

ALeNet\'s Consultants who have worked with PeopleSoft applications since Version 1 through the latest versions deliver ALeNetís PeopleSoft Services. Our services are packaged in the manner that can most fit into your budgetary requirements.

Our Services

ALeNet\'s consultants have experience and expertise in the following Products and Disciplines:

* Strategic planning
* Business requirements analysis
* Project planning and management
* Data Migration Services
* Design and Architecture
* Application development and customization
* Interface and integrate with other applications
* Pre/Post software implementation reviews
* New release installation and training
* PeopleSoft upgrades, installation, and migration
* Application Hosting and Managed Services
* Application Support

Our methodology

ALeNet uses a proven successful Project Methodology. ALeNetís focus is on your success and optimization of resources resulting in faster time to benefit and reduced costs.

Our methodology integrates seamlessly with PeopleSoft Compass approach, with the addition of a number of pre-configured ALeNet Solution templates.

Why ALeNet for your PeopleSoft Consulting Needs

* Results Focused
* Flexible
* Streamlines the Process
* Facilitates Consistent, Overall Quality
* Reduces your Risk
* Promotes Rapid ROI
* Qualified Staffing


Once you begin the process of implementing a PeopleSoft application, you will want an experienced team of consultants on your side. Not only PeopleSoft experienced consultants, but ones with hands-on experience with the new release! ALeNet will guide you through the difficult process of implementation and lead you to your goals to enhanced, streamlined operations and improved returns on investment (ROI).

Upgrades & Fixes

ALeNet provides patches and Version upgrade assistance. ALeNet will help you migrate from your current release of PeopleSoft. Whether you are using ERP, HCM, CRM, supply chain or other vertical PeopleSoft solutions, ALeNet\'s experienced team of Peoplesoft consultants will help you get there!

CRM Implementation

PeopleSoft\'s CRM solution offers significant capabilities to drive customer service level improvements, both inside and outside the organization. Providing a single source of contact information. PeopleSoft\'s CRM solution will enable your CSR\'s, telemarketers and sales professionals to communicate in the same language. In addition, the web integration with customer self-service provides a robust CRM solution, which offers a full range of capabilities to ensure customer satisfaction, builds customer relationships, and adds corporate value.

CRM Expertise

At ALeNet, we know that CRM solutions do not just involve software installations. They involve customer commitment, employee involvement, and a philosophy of building customer relationships. ALeNet\'s CRM team has deep skills in CRM solution building and working to transform organizations to be customer-centric in everything they do, while focusing on delivering return (ROI).


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