Clientix CREDITS



Clientix Credits offers a complete credit administration that adjusts to the needs of different lenders, optimizes their credit operations and strengthens their relationships with customers and participants. Our software is designed to maintain all the detailed information related to the handling of credits in any modality. The types of credit handled include placements, promissory notes, installments, mortgages, corporate loans, lines of credit and cash administrations in any currency. The system allows you to manage more loans with fewer resources by automating financial calculations, workflows, document tracking and accounting integration.

Key Features

  • Manage the full cycle of credits from award to settlement
  • Create multiple types of credit products: commercial, mortgages, personal, auto and others
  • Flexible configuration of credits and its interests, penalties, commissions and other parameters
  • Generates amortization schedule and corresponding fees
  • Automatic interest calculation, penalties, commissions, and reclassification of accounts based on status of the credit account
  • Customizable reporting and customer statements
  • Automated accounting integration workflow