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The concept
Clientix Enterprise Software Solutions are designed for customer’s “Return on Investment” (ROI)

CRM-Customer Relationship Management Solutions
ALeNet offers solutions designed to increase your company's revenues or funding, reduce operating costs, and improve customer service. Clientix CRM Suite can help your organization with those objectives and much more.

Trusts Banking Solutions
ALeNet offers advanced integrated software solutions for the Financial Services Sector, with focus in the Trust Banking area. Our state of the art Clientix Trusts system automates all the critical functions of a Trust fund including cash flow, investments, loans, guarantees, and any other asset or liability under management.

Clientix financial services applications cover the full business cycle

The primary purpose of our system is to automate the many detailed processes associated with due diligence, managing investment portfolios and accounting for investment assets. These solutions address the processing requirements of a broad range of users within financial services, including trustees, asset managers, custodians, compliance officers, treasurers, fund managers and plan administrators.

Clientix Financial Apps

ALeNet now offers Clientix Mobile Apps for its Financial Services Clients
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News and Events

October 2016 - ALeNet takes part of COLAFI 2016 in Lima, Peru

September 2016 - ALeNet signs Financiera CrediClaro as new client

August 2016 - Panama – Global Bank enters into Production with Clientix

ALeNet participated in COLAFI XXIV, Latinoamerican Conference, that took place in Panama City, Panama

October 2013 - ALeNet sponsored COLAFI 2013 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Clientix Solutions for Financial Services Firms now as mobile apps

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